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Sexy Michelle Wie Upskirts Pictures!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

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Michelle Wie is by far the most attractive female golfer that I have seen, many of the golfers I see today, not to be rude, sometimes look like lesbians. In my opinion, I think Michelle is a true Korean beauty. Michelle was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her parents are both natives of South Korea who came to the United States in the ‘80s. Her mother used to be South Korea’s women’s amateur golf champion and competed in a Miss Korea pageant, so now we know where Michelle got her looks and golf skills. She is over six feet tall, her physique is both statuesque and athletic.

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Michelle began playing golf at the age of four. According to an Associated Press profile, she was winning nearly every junior event she entered by the age of 11. This hot Asian stunner told the AP that she plays golf for about four hours a day on weekdays and seven hours a day on weekends. In tournaments, Michelle’s dad served as her caddie through most of 2003, but the family hired a professional caddie for the PGA Sony Open.  Also at the age of 10, Michelle became the youngest player ever to qualify for a USGA amateur championship when she made the field for the USGA Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship. Michelle turned professional shortly before her 16th birthday accompanied by an enormous amount of hype and endorsements.

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